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Welcome to the Sandpiper Lakes Homeowners Association Website! This website exists to provide Sandpiper Lakes residents with information about the community and to facilitate communication with Centerpoint, the HOA management company serving residents of Sandpiper Lakes.

Please, click around. We believe you will find it useful. And if you have any ideas for the website, feel free to contact us.
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This year the Sandpiper Lakes Homeowners Association will install various holiday wreaths and lighting at the three commun...
What's New
Holiday Decorations
This year the Sandpiper Lakes Homeowners Association will install various holiday wreaths and lighting at the three community entrances.  This will be the first time decorations have been displayed in the community.  It is our hope that homeowners appreciate the festive decorations as we enter the holiday season. 
2012 Community Enhancement Projects
During 2012 several enhancement projects were accomplished in Sandpiper Lakes.  All entrance bed landscaping was finalized during the summer and fall with final replacement plantings occuring in the early fall.  In addition, larger lighting fixtures were installed at the main entrance to light the entrance monument trees.  The original fixtures were moved to the two Shady Nook entrances to offer more illumination at those entrances.  The Association also worked with Duke Energy to repair and clean the 18 street lights in the community.  To improve the image of the community and maintain those existing street lights, the Association hired a contractor to repaint all of the poles.  All of the improvements made in 2012 will help maintain and increase the property values within the community.  The Board of Directors will be reviewing several future maintenance and enhancement projects and develop a priority list for 2013.  We hope all homeowners appreciate the improvements and new look for the community.
Entrance Enhancements

Homeowners will notice major renovations to all entrances of Sandpiper Lakes.  With the assistance of a landscape architect and lighting engineer, a redesign was accomplished that includes additional bushes, trees and perennials.  In addition, new landscape lighting was installed at each entrance.  This new design creates a more cohesive presentation, enhances the community image and increases the property values for all homeowners.  The lighting will not only increase visibility of the entrances but will also provide long-term energy cost savings to the Association.

New Association Directory

Check it out! The new Association Directory is now Live! To register, simply click on the Register link under the login field in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

When you register, you will be asked to provide some basic contact information including your community address, name, phone number, and email address. All of this information is required to establish an account. However, you can opt to not publish your address, phone number and email address. If you do publish your information, it will only be visible to other registered residents. You will also have the option to list an alternative address, in case you live at another address part of the year and want neighbors to be able to reach you in the event of an emergency. You can also list another person on your account and indicate what your interests are like playing cards and running. This will facilitate finding other homeowners who share similar interests.

Why Register?

In addition to being able to communicate with others in your community, you can also opt in to receiving community announcements via email. Your management representatives will be able to make you aware of association events, announcements, and community news. If every resident was registered, mailing costs for the community could be reduced or eliminated, because there is no postage for email! :)